Palm Trees




Improve your High Performance Surfing as you are immersed in a week long camp with Hawaii's premier surf coach on the North Shore. 


You'll stay, eat, sleep, train, and surf with the best!!!!  Available to competitive surfers of the , intermediate* and advanced levels (ages 9-18) Max 8 surfers(minimum 5)


These are not beginner camps.   All campers must be able to catch and ride waves with out assistance. As well as swim a 100m in the ocean.  Campers leave camp with usb drive(video/photos) and a written a surf synopsis.



Through these adult surf coaching experience you'll learn to relieve pain and optimize your surfing performance. With daily Foundation Training and XPT performance breathing sessions you learn to re-program poor movement patterns of our modern lifestyles that cause pain, deterioration, and inefficiency.

This coupled with Kahea Hart's years of experience as a professional surfer, surf coach and trainer you'll learn his simplified surf techniques that will boost your skill level and impact your surfing for years to come. 



Private coaching sessions: are 3 hours long.  Depending on the surfer's ability and what they wish to accomplish, session can include carve-boarding,

Group coaching sessions focus on improving surf technique, body mechanics, and competition strategies. Sessions run 3 hours long and start with dynamic stretching, a 20 minute work out and carve-boarding to train surf muscle memory.  Then athletes surf heats that are videoed for analysis on large screen in the van.



I learned FT about 8 years ago and have used it in my training and everyday routine.  I have found that it  helps me manage the aches and pains of being an athlete, as well has helping me correct imbalances and poor movement patterns that we develop as humans. 


In September 2018 I became a certified instructor of FT.  I now apply it to all my programs; surf warmups, weight lifting warm ups, and just regular body maintenance. 



Kahea has daily workouts programs tailored for beginners to advances athletes. These programs are complete with breath, mobility and strength training.  No matter what your goal you will become a fitter, healthier functioning human.