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Below is a collection of emails and video testimonials from clients we have worked with from around the world.
Brisa Hennessy

WSL Championship Tour 16th Rated

2020 Olympic Qualifier

AGE: 22 COUNTRY: Costa Rica

 Kahea Hart is the epitome of a waterman with all heart, strength and passion. I was one of his first students at 10 years old and is one of the biggest reasons why I am where I am today. What sets him apart is his incredible expertise of the whole mechanic side of surfing and his connection and knowledge with reading the ocean in all conditions. With this combination he truly is one the best in the world who helps anyone find/bring the core and foundation of your surfing so you can be the best you can be.” 

Nikita Avdeev


My Hawaii experience was amazing , defenetly on of the most amazing trip i ever have ! First it is a coaching , you work on land and in the ocean with a lot of control from coach , and he slowly pushing you to get better and better and all training go with so much fun , and progress going super fast ! Second you leaving in a house with other groms and you learning to do all by yourself , cooking, washing and cleaning , and you start to be a team and a real mates, specially with all diets and video analysis! and last one is that how much  time coach spend with you and help you if you wanna try some big wave surf , you feel his care and that rise your confidence . 

David Noy


Last winter I have been training in the north shore of Hawaii with Kahea Hart.

I contacted Kahea through a friend that trained with him and recommended me to do the same.

After 2 months of training I realized how much I improved physically and mentaly, because of the discpline on trainings, the nutrition and the professional care for me and all the other surfers.

I had several coaches I have trained with, and the time in the north shore training with Kahea was by far the most challenging and improving experience I had as a surfer.

Luana Silva

AGE: 17 COUNTRY: Hawaii

Kahea has been such an impactful part of my surfing career. I first started working with Kahea when I was about nine years old.  He’s improved my surfing mechanics as well as body mechanics. Not only is he such a great coach he’s also a really amazing trainer. He has taught me that when you become stronger in the gym you can become a stronger surfer. He has helped me prevent injuries with the use of Foundation Training. Kahea has helped me accomplish so many of my dreams and goals, I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help. 

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